Welcome to my new website and my very first blog post!  I am excited to begin to write about two of the things I love the most- music and teaching music- sharing thoughts, anecdotes, frustrations, and successes about my own music making and about teaching others the joy of making music.

I am reflecting over the summer about changes and improvements to Simons Valley Studio for the coming season.  Most changes from last year will be incorporated again, especially those activities and events that include making music with each other and in the community.  So the play-a-thon in the coffee shop will be back, as will Sonatina Sunday!  I will be specifically working on teaching improvisation and composition this summer, so I will be a better coach in these areas starting in September.

It’s going to be a great year!  I am enjoying the hot summer sun and relaxed schedule, recharging and renewing my energy, but I’m already excited about the music that I’ll be enjoying with my students very soon!


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